Music by teadrinker Distributing music using html tables for 20+ years
Demoscene Stuff My demoscene stuff
Space Plunge Website Website for our VR start-up, created for funding/distributing Art Plunge
Mad Tea Lab Open source interactive Programming environment for prototyping algorithms, sound and visuals
Mad Tea Lab Blog Blog for Mad Tea Lab
Blog Index Unsorted articles and notes
Bingo Attack Web port of my shot-em-up DOS game from 2001 inspired by games such as Operation Wolf, More info here
TenstaKollektivets Filmer Old webpage for Tenstakollektivet (Swedish short-film archive)
Tone Softspoken Old webpage for our band, there are also two new tracks on steaming platforms
Technological Dimensions Old computer club website (1996-1999)

Links: substack | mastodon | youtube