We make Art Plunge, a VR gallery where you can enter famous paintings and see them come to life! For inquiries about Art Plunge, email us here!

Our Guiding Objectives:

- Inspire people to contemplate, act and create.
- Celebrate timeless works of art.
- Celebrate artistic craftsmanship and high standards.
- Avoid advertising and digital surveillance.
- Explore new artistic mediums.
- Share ideas and technologies related to creation.
- Release works/experiences to the commons.

Space Plunge was founded in 2015
by Martin Eklund and Martin Christensen.

Art Plunge is a VR gallery where you can enter famous paintings and see them come to life!

- Art Plunge for Steam VR
- Art Plunge for Oculus Quest
- Art Plunge for Oculus Rift
- Art Plunge for Oculus Go / Gear VR

Cardboard Hybrid (works without VR!):

- Art Plunge for Android
- Art Plunge for iPhone / iPad

For location based VR, we are available through Springboard VR (VR arcades, museums etc)


"It’s simply stunning to step inside the Mona Lisa.
I would give it more stars if I could."

-- Paul Lynch

"Quite possibly one of the best things I have experienced on my Oculus Go. Truly beautiful!"

-- Tim Holt

"Leonardo Da Vinci will give 5 stars too!"

-- Fox Cheng

"Art Plunge is one of the best examples of how VR can truly be used as a new platform for unique experiences. This is an excellent concept expertly executed..."

-- Oculus User Theduckofdeff

"...it just feels right, as if I’m in the world Vermeer would have painted, if only he were alive a few hundred years later, and he used Tilt Brush instead of a paintbrush."

-- Co.design article about Art Plunge Preview (2017)

"...You will be doing a disservice to mankind and art lovers worldwide if you do not create more of these… please please please bring em on!"

-- Andre Matthews