A swedish based company with a passion for arts and virtual reality.

We make Art Plunge, a VR gallery where you can enter famous paintings and see them come to life! For inquiries about Art Plunge, email us here!

Space Plunge was founded in 2015 by Martin Eklund and Martin Christensen.

Art Plunge is a VR gallery where you can enter famous paintings and see them come to life!

- Art Plunge for iPhone / iPad
- Art Plunge for Android
- Art Plunge for Oculus Go / Gear VR
- Art Plunge for Google Daydream

Free preview version (Only VR):

- Art Plunge Preview for Gear VR
- Art Plunge Preview (Daydream)
- Art Plunge Preview (Cardboard) (lower quality)


"It’s simply stunning to step inside the Mona Lisa.
I would give it more stars if I could."

-- Oculus User buffcode

"I showed this to a VR naive accomplished artist and she cried!"

-- Oculus User Docjonel

"Just imagine if the original painters could see this..."

-- Oculus User mbretes

"Leonardo Da Vinci will give 5 stars too!"

-- Oculus User FoxCheng

"This should be cheesy and overreaching. Instead, it just feels right, as if I’m in the world Vermeer would have painted, if only he were alive a few hundred years later, and he used Tilt Brush instead of a paintbrush."

-- Co.design article about Art Plunge Preview (2017)

"Art Plunge is one of the best examples of how VR can truly be used as a new platform for unique experiences. This is an excellent concept expertly executed..."

-- Oculus User Theduckofdeff

"To say that classic works of art are brought to life here would be an understatement. The concept is brilliant, the attention to detail is astounding, and the result is profound. This is a new dimension of appreciation; an expansion and enrichment of both context and content, but one that is deeply respectful of the original work."

-- Oculus User Colonel_Izzi

"...You will be doing a disservice to mankind and art lovers worldwide if you do not create more of these… please please please bring em on!"

-- Oculus User andre.matthews.313

"Exceptional. I think the effort that's gone into this is amazing
and the visuals are fantastic. My only issue is that I want more!"

-- Oculus User doriancramm